Portrait Sessions

Jeff is always striving to create images that reflect his photographic style that appeals to clients that are looking for something different. 

With each session try to create a portrait that reflects your unique style, interests and outfits. Together we can collaborate to create artwork perfect for you and your home… art work that communicates to your loved ones just how truly special they are.



Classic Family

Combination of Groups and Individual Portraits

On location or in Studio

Typical Duration 1 hour, one outfit



Multi-Generational Family Session

Combination of Large Groups and Small Groups

On location or in Studio

Typical Duration 1.5 hour, one or two outfits



Couples Session

A great way to express your relationship with someone special. Couple session are also excellent for those wanting to announce their Engagement or Anniversary. It’s most important for this session to be yourself and have fun with each other.

( Couple sessions are complimentary with Wedding Collections)


1 - 2 hours On location or In Studio

1 to 2 outfits



Maternity Session

There’s no better time for a mother to be photographed then while they are waiting for the arrival of their bundle of joy!  We strive to capture the mother’s radiance through creative and tasteful portraits that will speak to your heart. A wonderful gift to you and your baby. Mom's belly is typicaly best to photograph around 32 weeks.


1 - 2 hours On location or In Studio

1 to 2 outfits



Newborn Session

Art celebrating new life… The earlier the better since they grow out of the newborn stage all too quickly! Believe it or not, it is very difficult to keep a baby sleeping during a portrait session. If you want  calm sleeping portraits, your best bet is to schedule their first session before they are 7 days old.


1.5- 2 hours On location orIn Studio

2 outfits up to two locations




Watch Me Grow

Sessions For Children, Tweens and Teens… Ages 3 Months to 16 years… Children change so fast, they go through so many different stages and phases. Since pictures are the gateway to our memories, it is important to have their portraits taken often so that you can cherish each stage of their lives forever. After the initial newborn session we recommend having your child’s portraits professionally taken at 3, 6 9 and months, and every 6 months thereafter. Just be sure to bridge the gaps with lots of snapshots at home… the only portraits you’ll ever regret is the portraits you never have taken! What better gift is there to give your child at their high school graduation than a beautiful, complete story of their childhood. Take time now to show your children just how important they are to you by proudly displaying their portraits on the walls of your home.


Mini Sessions

Great for those who wish to have their children photographed frequently. Shorter sessions in just one outfit and a few poses. Same day ordering ( approximately 20 min after your session) so that you’ll receive your portraits faster!


Typically 30 min.

1 Outfit, one location



Classic Session

An experience that allows for for more creative opportunities. As your child grows they can swing on a rope, play in a creek or take part in their favorite past time… the possibilities are endless! Try to keep each outfit different… mix it up between casual/ dressy/funky/vintage. Don’t forget to accessorize with jackets, bows, hats, bandana, tutus, to name a few! We will always want to start the session in your favorite outfit, because you never know how long a young child will last.


Typically 1 - 2 Hours

up to 3 Outfit, up to two locations


**All sessions also include an in-person ordering session where we will view your
session images and talk about what type of products will work best for you.
A minimum order for each session is required, please inquire by calling our studio at 614-833-4477 of referring to our FAQ section.